Sunday, 22 May 2016

Personalized Panty Review - 1 of 3

I have ordered three pairs of personalized panties off of various sites on the internet.

Of the three pairs I ordered the first pair I received was these:

As with all the panties I ordered, you had to purchase them and then send the seller details of how you wanted them personalized.

I sent the following email:

I got no reply, but the panties arrived three days after I'd ordered them.

The panties themselves are what I would call 'girls panties'. Plain white cotton bikini briefs with a lovely trim along the edge. They are perfect for 'the girl in me'. They are however thin cotton.

The printing is very good quality. I am more than happy with that. I have washed them once and the print is still 'good as new'.

The only criticism I have is that the print is a little too low. I have no doubt that on a true female they would be positioned just perfectly ;-). But with my sissy stuff in the way, the print is not easily visible from in front and above.

Of course, being a true athletic sissy, I did have to wear them out on a run. And as I like to 'play' with my panties, I wore them back to front. And as they were new to my wardrobe, of course I wore them under a pair of wet look leggings ... I do love them, and look at that lovely VPL ;-)

These were the middle of the three price wise and are worth the money.