Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My session with a mistress

For a few weeks now the need to be punished has been brewing in me. It happens every now and then, I get the need to be smacked while wearing women’s clothing, to be punished.

I searched the web and found a few dominatrixes in towns within decent distance. I phoned one of them who offered a BDSM service and arranged an appointment for later that afternoon. The appointment was in a town about a 45 minute drive from where I work. I arrived at the town an hour early and so decided to go shopping. There is a 99p store in the mall and I bought myself a green and white medium sized dog collar. I wasn't sure if it would fit so as I walked away from the collars I quickly held it up to my neck and wrapped it round. It fitted and no one seemed to notice.

By now I was in full on sissy/humiliation mode and so I decided to buy those dog tags I had always wanted to get but been too scared to buy. I went into a shoe repair, dog tag type shop and asked about their dog tags. The guy was pretty miserable and explained the different tags and pricing. I asked about engraving and he told me the price included a name and a number. I selected two tags, a silver dog bone and a red heart (he didn't have any pink ones). He handed me a small piece of paper and told me to write which tags I wanted and what I wanted printing on each. This was where things got nerve wracking. I wrote 'red heart and under it sissy and silver dog bone and under it panty boy. He looked at the paper for a while and then said 'no numbers’? I replied no. He got the tags and printed them. After all my nerves it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected.

I drove to where Trisha had told me to go and phoned her, she gave me the final directions. I had a bag containing some leotards and knickers and of course my new collar.

I knocked on the door and Trisha let me in, after an offer of a glass of water and a query as to whether I needed the toilet or not, I was led to the playroom. Once in the room she turned to me.

'Here's how it goes, you'll strip, fold your clothes and pile them over there, be waiting for me in the inspection position, standing with your hands behind your head. I'm going to find some clothing for you to wear now that I know what size you'll take. I stripped as instructed and folded and placed my clothes where I'd been told to. My panties were the last to come off and I folded them and put them on the pile where they could be seen (after all, that's part of the fun, letting her know that I wear panties). The panties are large, school girl type panties but very loose. They look huge.

Then I stood naked, by myself with my hands behind my back and my erection bobbing as I moved. It's an amazing start to a session to go from being clothed and in control, to being naked and following a strangers instructions. I probably waited about 5 minutes before the door opened again and Mistress re-entered the room. She looked at my erection and commented that we'd have to do something about that. She put some clothes on the bed and made me turn round so she could inspect me from behind. I did and shivered as she ran her hands lightly over my back and the crack of my buttocks.

Following orders I turned around and slipped my foot into a stocking that she was holding for me. She slid it up my leg and stood back. 'Hmm, looking pathetic already.'

The second stocking followed accompanied with more comment about how silly I looked. And then she made me put on an elasticated black girdle which was very tight. Finally she slipped a pair of lace panties up my legs and told me to put them on. I adjusted them so that my erection was contained by the lace elastic material.

'Good well at least you've hidden that pathetic thing. How do you think you look?'

'Ridiculous mistress.'

'Yes, you do look ridiculous, you look silly.'

She moved to a table and returned with a blindfold.

'Right, I'm going to add some darkness now.'

She placed the blindfold over my eyes. Then each of my hands was taken and put in a fingerless leather glove which was strapped on. The gloves were connected to each other and then in turn attached to some rope which was then used to pull my arms above my head. I was locked into that position.

Silence. Blindfolded I stood with my arms straight above my head, unable to move much. Finally I heard movement. The slap, slap, slap, she slapped my face and told me that I was hers now.

She moved behind me. She pressed her bod against me. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, she pushed her pelvis against my ass. Her hands reached round and stroked my chest through the material of the women’s underwear I was dressed in. She made me tell her what I wanted from the session. I told her punishment and humiliation. I explained that I could have marks on me after the session. She gave me the safe word. She stood back and made me spread my legs a little before stroking my back and buttocks and then lightly between my legs. She reached round and grabbed my penis and balls squeezing them slightly. She lowered the panties and then slapped my ass, hard a number of times.

I heard her move away and when she returned she attached a leather cock cage around my dick. More footsteps and she was behind me.

'You're pathetic wearing those clothes aren't you?'

'Yes mistress. I know it's pathetic but I can't help myself.'

She paddled me, about 12 stroked, paying attention to both my buttocks. Then she stroked me and pressed her body against me. Then she grabbed the leash attached to my collar and pulled my neck back. With my hands above my head and my neck being pushed back it felt a bit like I was being choked. She whispered in my ear asking how helpless I felt and how in charge she was.

I don't know how long I spent tied like that with her taunting me, spanking and caning me. At one stage she put nipple clamps on my nipples and then appeared to forget about them.

When she released me from that position she led me to bend over a bed and my hands were tied to the other side of it so that I was tied in a bent over position. She asked me about the size butt plugs I was used to and I replied small to medium. She lubed me up and I felt something being pushed into me. There was the brief feeling of something being being pushed in before it was swallowed by my bum. I felt some movement in whatever it was and then I felt myself being lifted by it. She had put a hook in my ass and was pulling me up. Eventually I was left standing painfully on my toes, again I was spanked and taunted.

A dildo was placed in front of me and I started sucking on it.

At one stage during this she pulled the nipple clamps off. The pain was immense. Naturally she pulled one off and then waited a while so that the suspense and anticipation in me could build up before pulling the second off.

When she released me from the hook the relief in my calves was immense. She started fucking me with a dildo or butt plug, I don’t know what and I sucked on the dildo. I was like a slut, spreading my legs to help her penetrate me with whatever it was, my head bobbing up and down on the dildo. At one stage it fell out my mouth and I was alike a starving dog moving my face around to try find it again and get it back into my mouth. I was making noises and comments like a slut.

She untied me and made me lay on the bed, then she jerked me off. I had to ask her permission to cum first. There I was laying on my back, blindfolded, one hand holding the dildo that I was sucking on like it was the tastiest thing I'd ever tasted, and my other hand between my legs and slipping two fingers into my asshole as I moaned and did my oh yes and fuck me’s around the dildo in my mouth.

It was a fantastic session, definitely one of the best I've had. Blindfolding me was a brilliant idea as it removed my natural restraint that I probably would have had could I have seen her. Instead I was able to lose myself in my fantasy. Had the session been recorded I would no doubt be very embarrassed at the way I behaved, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I did have to use the safe word once after receiving 12 of the best I felt I could not take any more. Mistress backed off and left my ass alone as I requested.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

More play with nettles

A few evenings back I decided to indulge in some more nettle play. In my previous post on the subject I mentioned how I wanted to experiment with a layer of nettle leaves actually between my legs (rather than packed up against my bum cheeks).

This was on one of the days when I was wearing my CB-6000. I wore a pair of plastic panties under my leggings and headed out for my run. At one point I stopped and pulled some leaves off of some nettles, pulled down the leggings and plastic pants and layered the leaves in the crotch. Before I could change my mind I pulled the packed plastic pants up.

The nettles met my flesh and started their work pretty much immediately. Wearing the CB-6000 as I was my ball sac was more stretched out than it is without the restraint and I soon felt the stinging on that tender flesh. I waddled/ran and in the early stages I thought to myself that there was no way I could keep it up for long before having to stop and remove the leaves.

But I persevered and got a masochistic thrill form the pain emanating between my legs. At one point I stopped and pushed the nettles into the crack of my arse ... more delicious pain.

I ran for 8 miles with the string of the nettles focusing my attention each step of the way. Finally, before getting in the car to go home I removed them.

Putting nettles into your knickers is a delicious thrill. The stinging as you run keeps your mind focused on that area of your body. And the nice thing about nettles is that they're a bit like the gift that keeps on giving, even once you've removed them you will tingle for hours afterwards.

Pink bra, white t-shirt and a run on a hot day

The past few days in my area of England have been deliciously hot. My runs, at the risk of giving too much info, have been very sweaty. Believe it or not, sweat can be fun. Wear a light colour t-shirt and as it becomes wet from the sweat it will become transparent.

Yesterday I went running wearing a pair of wet look leggings (what else :-) ). The nice thing about these leggings is that they are one of two pairs that I won that have a high enough waistband that I don't have to use a length of ribbon to tie so that they don't slip down as I run. They are coated with some plastic/latex like layer that gives them their gloss look and when the sun catches them you can feel the heat being drawn in.

I wore a white cotton t-shirt on top.The t-shirt and wet leggings combo did look more high street womens fashion than runner but that excited me more than anything else.

Under the t-shirt I wore my pink bra (no inserts this time :-) ). My thinking was that the t-shirt would hide the bra at the start of my run when there would be plenty of people in the area, and by the time I'd finished my run the t-shirt would be soaked, the bra visible to some degree, but there would be less people around.

And that theory did hold true. By the time I finished the t-shirt was soaked and the bra was visible if you looked. When trying to make clothes stick out from under wet material then pink is not the best colour. A dark colour works really well as does white. Pink is very close to your skin colour and so does not 'jump out'. Wearing a white or dark colour might even be slightly visible from under dry light coloured material which could add to the excitement of starting the run ;-)

The best part of the day though was when, about halfway into the run, I was running along a single track when I approached a mother and her daughter who I guess was about 17 or 18. There was no way we could avoid each other. They were having a pleasant chat as I approached. I moved to the left and they saw me and moved to the right. They looked at me and as I approached they both smiled at me. The smile was amused but friendly. I returned the smile as I greeted them. I knew that the smile was more than just a friendly stranger greeting type thing, it was too 'friendly' for that. I glanced over my shoulder after passing them and the daughter was looking back at me with a large smile on her face. Obviously without speaking to them I will not know for sure, but I'm pretty sure I was 'made'.

And that is the sort of encounter I crave. A friendly encounter where we all know I'm wearing womens clothing but it doesn't really bother anyone, maybe it amuses people, but it's amusement in a non threatening way.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

CB-6000 - 72 hours achieved!

I did it! I remained locked in my CB-6000 for 72 hours! This is by far the longest I have managed (my previous record being 31 hours).  I took it off today to see how things were looking and all looks good. Next week I shall be going for 5 days. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am looking on ebay to find another type of chastiity device, one of those where the cage is made from metal 'rods' as it seems to me that you should be able to clean everything a bit better with that sort.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

CB-6000 60 hours and noisy plastic panties

I survived another night locked up in the CB-6000 and have done two more runs while wearing it! Good news! Hopefully I will make it through tonight and manage 72 hours. Last night was actually easier than the first with me only being woken up by the pain of an erection trying to get erect at 01:40.

I have been wearing a pair of plastic panties recently. I suspect that the baby oil I have been using to ease the friction of the CB-6000 has been reacting with the plastic as the plastic between the legs is getting 'harder' than the rest and makes quite a noise. I'm quite happy about the noise as I do like to hear the crinkle of plastic panties and when in public like the thought that maybe others can hear it too. Of course I'm also a little sad as I suspect that in time the plastic will probably crack. Anyway I'll keep you informed.

Monday, 21 July 2014

CB6000 - 2 milestones passed, 1 lesson learnt

Milestone 1

Yesterday morning at 07:15 I clicked the padlock shut on the CB-6000 I'd packed myself into. It's now 24 hours later and it hasn't come off! I've managed 24 hours locked once before but that was a long time ago. I'm hoping that this time I will manage 48 hours.

It ot really painful at 02:39 and 04:55 this morning when my erection attempted to pull my balls off by pulling on the cage, but apart from those times, the rest had been bearable.

Milestone 2

I ran 13 miles wearing the CB-6000! I have not been able to run further than 5 miles with it on before it started causing serious pain. This time I wrapped my balls in clingfilm (to stop my balls rubbing against my legs) and I also didn't wear any underwear under my leggings. As I've wrapped my balls in clingfilm before but still had problems, it must have been the extra freedom of no tight underwear that helped make it possible to run for 13 miles while wearing the CB-6000.

Lesson Learnt

Don't run wearing a CB-6000 if you have no underwear under your leggings.

I decided to run with no underwear my leggings as they are thin and I was hoping that I might be able to get the effect that I've seen on some women where the leggings seem to disappear up their ass, thus framing each buttock.

I wore a medium length t-shirt. The problem I discovered early into my run is that the CB-6000 is actually quite bulky and it makes a VERY obvious bulge.

After running towards two people like that and being unable to find a way to hide it and seem natural I decided to take my t-shirt off to hide it. I was wearing a pink bra underneath (in fact it's the bra that you can see in the picture in my post before this one) the t-shirt so I lowered that to around my waist and hung the t-shirt off it. The problem then was that the t-shirt did not wrap around my body, so while it covered the CB-6000 the bra strap at the back was left visible.

I took the above photo at the end of my run and discovered that in addition to the bra strap being visible so too was the label of the leggings complete with their little heart logo. Yesterday I ran towards 15 people from the front and passed 17 people from behind. So at least 17 people got to see something similar to what you see above.

Quite exciting really ;-)

I guess I'm not the girl I want to be

Apologies for taking so long to update my blog. I have to admit that the feeling of disappointment that I felt at the make up session did have a huge impact on me. I actually felt ugly. I'm sure it's all my fault, expecting too much from make up, and yet I have seen real life examples of how women use make up to make themselves look better. Why was it that the make up made me look worse? Why did it accentuate my wrinkles rather than hide them a little?

Anyway, I went away for the run. I enjoyed my drive up there. I wore womens clothing (jeans, top and boots as well as panties and a bra of course). I put the fake boobs in my bra. I do love the feeling of the weight pulling down on the bra straps, and looking down to see how the cars seat belt falls between the two, emphasizing them slightly.

Naturally I removed them whenever I had to leave the car. I'd cancelled the nail salon appointment in the immediate aftermath of the make up session. At that stage I'd actually considered doing another purge but thankfully I resisted that.

At the hotel I tried out some make up application for myself. I felt happier with the results I achieved. I think that I need to just do a lot more practice and develop 'my' look.

There is something sensual about applying make up. I don't know if it's because it's one of truly feminine actions or if it's just the process of seeing yourself transformed, even if it just slightly, or if it's the feel and smell, and in the case of lipstick, taste, of the make up, but whatever it is I really enjoyed experimenting. The only question I have is why do hotels give guests white towels?

Saturday I ran the race.

Sunday I dressed in the outfit I'd bought.

I went full out with the underwear as you can see here (I do love that corset).

And here I am fully dressed.

However, I wasn't confident enough with my make up skills, so I put a pair of jeans over the tights and tucked the dress in, removed the wig and breast forms and checked out the hotel. Once at my car the breast forms went back in (and I got to feel that lovely weight again). I left the hotel car park and stopped in a laybye close to the hotel where the wig went back on. Once the wig was on I relaxed a little and using the car mirror I applied some make up. It wasn't a fantastic job, but I did get a thrill every time I caught my reflection on the rear view mirror and saw the make up.

I stopped at two laybyes on the way home. At both I got out the car and walked around. I also stopped at a services but there I parked at the far end of the car park before getting out and walking around a bit. I did get some curious looks from some of the occupants of the cars that were nearby but nothing threatening.

So in the end I did not do as much as I'd planned. But on the positive side I'm really hoping that these may be the first 'baby steps' to greater things.