Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Warming up for my sissy weekend

As I've booked a full leg, arm and underarm wax on Saturday I thought I'd get my chest and 'hollywood' area waxed so that sfter my Saturday waxing I would be hairless. I booked an intimate waxing.

Twenty minutes before the appointment I waswaiting outside a small shop. I decided to have some fun and went in to the shop. There was a young woman behind the counter, bored and reading a magazine. I got a pack of overnight sanitary pads and took them to the counter. She looked at me before scanning them. She handed me my change with a slight smile and told me to enjoy my day. I smiled and thanked her.

I had my waxing,someparts of which were painfulI will admit.  When I was told to get on my knees and elbows (so my backside could be done) I felt so submissive ... it was fantastic.

On going in to the room I was left alone to get undressed and was told to lay on the table and put the small towel over myself. But afterwards she stayed in the room cleaning up as I dressed. I had worn a pair of white, nylon, full panties (bought from Miss Discrete). I put them on and saw her do a doubletake as she saw them.

All in all it was a good day, a lovely little warm up. And as a bonus I am hair free, I look forward to wearing my chastity device being hair free to see if it is any more comfortable.

Next time I go for an intimate waxing, and there will be a next time, I will go into the same shop but this time I think I will buy a small tub of vaseline and a pack of tampons.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Some holiday running pics put into a sissy story.

When I am holiday in a place hundreds of miles from where I live I love to push the boundaries. One holiday we were in a remote area of Spain. I ran along a road that was pretty quiet, but not empty. On average I would be passed by 8 cars during a run. Over the course of the holiday most of the reactions were just curious stares, some laughs, two hoots. One car passed me a number of times during the holiday so that we got to recognise each other and we'd share a friendly, amused, wave.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The time for my annual sissy trip is approaching

For the past five years I have been going to an event in a town approximately three hundred miles from my house. This happens early November every year. It's a long day, starting with a 3 and a half hour drive, then the event and then a three and a half hour return drive.

Being so far from home I started having 'sissy adventures'. I'd do things that I'd love to do as a sissy. I started out by booking manicures and then show a 'lost bet' letter from my girlfriend which required me to have my nails painted in an obviously feminine colour. I started out by booking these things as the last thing before I drove home, but over time that has changed. My nails would get painted earlier and I'd then go panty shopping, making sure to keep my nails on display.

Last year I had a fantastic appointment at a beauty salon. Rather than do the lost bet thing, I just told them that I was a closet crossdresser and was going to start experimenting more in the privacy of my home. I had my nails done and my underarms waxed. The women at the salon were truly wonderful about it. Here's a picture from that appointment.

This year I have decided to go one step closer to a full sissy day. I sent the studio the following email:


I suspect you might remember me, my name is Graham and I 'came out' as a crossdresser by having an underarm wax and my nails done early last November at your salon ? You were very nice to me and I felt totally at ease, thank you for that.

I come up to ++++++++++ every year for the ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and this year is no different.

I am contacting you early as I don't know how quickly you fill up your bookings.

I was planning to drive back home from ++++++++++ as the 'female me'. So I was hoping that if you were to agree I'd enter your salon as Graham and leave as Melanie :-). I was hoping for a full leg, full arm and underarm wax, do my nails and finally help me with my make up (my attempts at that are still very amateurish).

I would be looking to do this as the last booking of your day (I plan to spend the morning at ++++++++++++++). I don't know how long all that would take but an appointment at or after 1 pm?

Would you be prepared to do this? If it's just a step too far let me know, I do understand.

If however you are happy to do this could you let me know what time the appointment would be and how much it would cost?

Again, I do realise how unusual this request is and, as I hope you realised from my last appointment, I am able to laugh at myself so if you do agree to this I hope that we can have an easy going appointment and have a laugh ot two in the process.

Thanks for your time. Graham

I received the following response:

Hello! Nice to hear from you again, hope you're doing well! Yes that's absolutely no problem. I don't suppose you can come in any earlier than that as we close at 3 on Saturdays and we'd be pushed for time if the appointment was at 1!

And so I have my appointment booked.

At this stage I decided to extend my weekend and I have booked into a hotel. Checking in to the hotel will be interesting but as a sissy I look forward to the experience. And on Sunday I shall do a long run as Melanie before driving back home en femme, making sure to fill my car with petrol at least twice.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

PU and leather look shorts

I am often jealous of the variety of materials from which womens clothing is made. A while back I figured that I wanted to wear clothing made from somematerials like PU and faux leather. is a good source of a wide variety clothing at reasonable prices. Be aware though that it often lacks in quality. I bought a number of shorts that I would then run in. I love the plastic/leather smell of these clothes when they are new. Also if you wear them on a hot day they make you sweat and that seems to make the smellstronger. They also cling to you. When I wear them while running I love the feel of them, and some of them make a noise as I run. Here are some photos of the shorts I have bought and worn on runs. It is exciting running past women while wearing them as they are obviously not running shorts and I'm sure that observant women would notice that.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Making sure I can't hide my skirt

I recently bought a running skirt. Made by Adidas it is a pair of leggings with a skirt attached. It has the three Adidas stripes, in pink (my favourite colour), down each side. I have worn it a few times while running. The 'problem' is that every time I found myself approaching people I would quickly tuck each side of the skirt into the waistband of the leggings which then pulled the skirt up under my t-shirt and out of view.
This weekend I was in a village I do not normally go to and had the opportunity for a run. I decided to make it difficult for me to do my quick hide the skirt thing and so I wore a pair of neon orange/peach hotpants over the leggings but under the skirt. My theory being that hiding the skirt would reveal the neon hotpants which are a lot more noticeable than the skirt!
I also wore a shorter than normal t-shirt. The reason I am doing all this is because once a year I run a race where I wear some wet look leggings, it's become my annual public 'outing' for my wet look legging fetish. This year I want to wear this skirt over them and so I plan to 'desensitise' myself to the acute awareness that I am wearing a skirt in public. And my idea worked. At one stage I was approaching a group of five people, I automatically started tucking the skirt in when I felt and remembered the hot pants. I was forced to run past them with the skirt out. No one said anything, I caught one woman smiling at me but apart from that it was an exciting run for me.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Ooops, a little too obvious

I did a race three weekends back and decided to wear one of my 'regular' bras instead of the tankini bra that I normally wear. The tankini bra is basically just a strip of lycra that goes round my chest with some thin straps to go over the shoulder. So instead I decided to wear an unpadded bra because, obviously, a padded bra is noticeable thanks to the padding. After some time running my t-shirt was soaked in sweat (gross, I know) and was clinging to me. I pretty soon gathered that my bra was more noticeable than I had anticipated by the number of times I caught spectators glancing at my chest ... the positive of this of course was that it gave mean idea what it's like to be a girl. There was nothing I could do about so I chose to 'brave it out' and enjoy the moment. I looked at the race photos afterwards and as you can see, it was pretty obvious. The inset shows the bra on me and you can see that although it is unpadded, the cut of the material to make the shape to carry a breast, when stretched across my chest, causes the bumps that can so easily be seen on my t-shirt. And once you've noticed the bumps you'll look closer and see the remaining outline. On the walk back to my car two young women were walking toward me, one of them looking at my chest, not bothering to hide it, and she gave me a big smile as she passed. I just smiled back in return. Bliss!