Saturday, 31 January 2015

Another sissy caption pic


I hope that these pics are being enjoyed. Here's another one.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Taking the outdoor experience even further.

I have been in contact with Miss Kane ( and I contacted Miss Kane after seeing Her website where She described what an outdoors session could entail.

My initial email said, amongst other details:


My name is Graham and I'm contacting you about your public outings which sound like just the thing I'm looking for. I've turned .. and feel that time is running out and I must do all those things I've fantasized about. One of those is a public outing along the lines that you've described. For a long time I've wanted to experience the humiliation of being paraded in public as a sissy slave but obviously I want to do it in as safe an environment as possible :-)

I was wondering, would you be prepared to do a public outing with a guy cross dressed as a french maid or in a sissy dress? Would you take photos if I bought a camera along? I'd like to be on collar and leash and under your full comtrol.

I'd also like to experience some gay sex from a sub perspective, eg being made to kneel in front of a guy and worship him, and being taken by a guy, but to be honest with you it may be too much for one night so I might not have the guts to do those on the night. I just mention it in case the night goes well ;-)

The way you describe the Gay Village it sounds as if we should be able to dpo this without getting beaten up or find ourselves on the front page of the newspapers? :-)

Miss Kane replied:

HI, Thanks for your email, unfortunately I would not recommend a weekend visit around canal st it is far to busy and full of hens and stags.

These types of public outings are best on a Wednesday night, which is commonly known as "TRANNY NIGHT"

This reply got my hopes up and I replied that a Wednesday night would be good. I received the following reply:

Yes I am more than happy to take out for the evening around Manchester.

You would be required to meet me at my room, when I will dress you as required. 9pm

Hour to get you ready 10pm

How good are you at walking in heels? its about .. mins walk to Canal St, streets are mixture of cobbles and pavement.

I can take pictures of you.

Manchester Canal St gay area is great we will visit a number of bars including ... etc. 11.30 - 1pm

After which we will return for me to use you further for my own pleasure. (SAFE SEX)

As you can see I like to make a night of it.

I am really excited at the thought of this session and have started budgeting to ensure that I can pay for it. I will keep you all informed of what is happening.

I had a lesson on how to apply makeup.

Well, I finally had my lesson to teach me how to apply makeup.

I mentioned how I'd emailed the salon in a blog post a few weeks back, and I have since been to the salon for a full leg and arm wax in preparation for my day out as a maid.

My appointment was at 09:00 yesterday morning. The salon is a small one with a room fronted by a large window, and through a door you go to two small treatment rooms. I had assumed that considering the unusual situation that we would have my lesson in one of the treatment rooms ... boy, was I wrong!

She sat me down at a small fold up table that was attached to the wall in the front room and we had my lesson there! Across the road is the headquarters of some company that has a load of vans driving in and out and loading up. Looking out the window I could see them quite clearly. People would walk past the store, some would glance in.

And yet to the beautician it didn't matter. And you know what? After the initial 'oh shit, no! not here!' moment I actually didn't care either. The salon is about 30 minutes from my house and it's a place that I know most people I know would not go to.

She wrote down the makeup she was using on me as we went along, she also wrote down what brushes she used for each application. It was 45 minutes of fun! I loved it. The salon is run by tow women. One of them is off at the moment as she has just had a baby. So there were no other customers in the store. I do however plan to book another lesson when the other woman is back at work as I would so love to be having a lesson while another woman customer is in the shop.

We covered the day time look in my lesson. I now need to do a lot of practice and experimentation.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I went out in public, in the day, as a maid!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!!! I served a Mistress as a maid and we went out in public as Mistress and maid.

When I first arrived I was led into a bedroom where I could change. Mistress watched as I did so and helped me zip my dress up. It is really quite erotic having a women watch you undress from your male clothes (well male exterior clothes, I spoilt the male image a bit when my pink nylon knickers were revealed) into a maids dress and she watched in an almost disinterested way. I had locked myself in my CB-6000 before leaving home and I handed Mistress the keys. I was told to go to the bathroom to put my make up on and to go to the lounge when I was ready.

Once ready I reported to Mistress and she inspected my uniform, corrected my pinafore and then showed me how to make tea. I made her some tea as indicated and was then set to work in the kitchen. At that stage it was raining and so Mistress had said the chances of an outdoor trip were slim. As I was working in the kitchen Mistress called out that the rain had stopped, maybe we'd go for a walk. I have to be honest that I wasn't sure if I was happy or not about that news.

Once the kitchen had been cleaned I was sent to the bathroom to clean that.

Then came the outdoors trip. Mistress attached a lead to my collar and out we went.

We left the house, it had turned into a nice day outside. The house is at the end of a street that is very quiet, in fact we went quite far without seeing anyone. This was a pleasant introduction to be outdoors dressed as I was and at the end of a leash. Finally we came to pass a workshop that is near the end of Mistress street. There was some noise behind us as we passed, Mistress looked over her shoulder and smiled at the workers there. At this stage I had the hair of my wig covering as much of my face as I could and was looking down all the time. Finally we got to the intersection with the main street and we turned to join the main road.

I was a bit nervous about this as we were now heading towards the tube station. When I'd arrived at the tube station and was walking through the area towards Mistress house I'd worried that this was the area Mistress would take me as it appeared 'hostile'. A few seconds after joining the road there was a Sainsbury’s truck waiting to turn onto the road, I glimpsed up and saw the driver looking at us. Then more cars came by. I kept my eyes down and followed Mistress.

Looking ahead slightly I saw a group of people standing on the corner, some of them were looking at us. I followed Mistress and with each intersection we crossed I got more and more nervous as we were getting closer to the tube station. Eventually we were at the intersection by the tube station. By now we'd been passed by many people and many cars. I have to admit that my confidence was growing and I was starting to really enjoy myself. As we came round a corner there was a group of small school kids out in a school outing. This was the only time I felt uncomfortable. Mistress led me to cross the road to get away from them and the funny thing was that as Mistress said 'they probably don't know any better, they certainly don't know you're a man' we heard a boy shout out 'Look at that man!'. Mistress looked back and smiled at them. We crossed the road. A police car went past us and didn't stop, so we're obviously not breaking any laws :-). As we headed for Sainsbury's I was by now starting to look at people. There were a lot of amused smiles especially from younger women. I noticed older men and women didn't seem as amused. Amazingly a lot of people actually didn't seem to notice us?!

We passed a policemen walking on the street and entered Sainsbury's. I noticed the security guard kept a pretty close eye on us. As we walked in to Sainsbury's a guy came really close behind me (I was walking behind Mistress), so close that I'm sure I felt him touching my dress. He said something but a girl who was looking at some stuff on one side responded to him. Mistress asked him if he was chasing her maid and he replied that he wasn't and pushed past and reached for some vegetables. Maybe some people are just in a rush and rude or maybe he was doing something I don't know. He didn't cause any problems which is the main thing. Mistress got some donuts and made me carry them, then she got a jar of food for one of her pets which again I carried. I put them down at a till, Mistress paid and I took the bag. Amazingly there were no stares from the guys behind the counter, there were three of them. We left the store under the watchful gaze of the security guard.

Mistress took some photos of me outside Sainsbury’s. As we were doing so one woman walking into the shop said 'You look nice', I thanked her :-)

By now I was really enjoying myself. On the way back (Mistress did offer to take me for a longer walk but I figured it had gone so well I didn't want to risk spoiling it) I was actually making eye contact with people. Two women in particular stick in my mind, one walking towards us had an amused grin, we made and kept eye contact, I smiled at her (I was enjoying it so much and it was a genuinely happy smile) and her smile broadened and she laughed a little, and another woman waiting at a bus stop saw us. I made eye contact and smiled, she shook her head and smiled, Mistress saw this and mentioned as we passed her that we'd given her something to talk about.

Going back past the workshop Mistresses phone rang and she stopped to talk on it! This was as a guy was taking some supplies out his van! He and another guy were watching us. As we walked off he said something which I didn't catch. Mistress turned and offered him the opportunity to try it out saying she had some spare dresses, they joked about how his shoulders were too broad for a dress. As we continued two other workers caught up to us and asked if they could take a photo. We agreed. One of them was asking questions, and I think he was filming rather than taking photos. Mistress answered and I kept my head down slightly. I didn't want to talk as I have a pretty distinctive accent and if the video did go viral I wanted to make sure that there would be some room to move for me to deny it was me :-)

It was exhilarating. I look forward to doing it again and next time I hope we will go longer. Mistress is planning to try make it possible to walk round one of the markets near her with her maids, which should be fun. Mistress has also expressed a desire to get some more videos made, I have offered to be a model, so who knows, maybe one day you'll see me on youtube.

Once back I made Mistress another pot of tea before giving her a foot massage and then painting her toe nails. At this stage my wrists were shackled with leather cuffs separated by chains. These were my reward for being so good outdoors. And a lovely reward it was too, Mistress has lovely feet. Finally I was told to go get the vacuum cleaner and to vacuum the house. It is really difficult vacuuming a house with shackled hands.

Then it was time for my review. During my session I'd spilt some milk, had to be corrected on some of my bathroom and kitchen work and had not done a very good job of painting Mistresses nails. I was made to kneel facing the couch and bend over it. My dress was lifted up over my back, my panties were pulled down. Mistress commented that she supposed she couldn't leave any marks on me, I corrected her and said it was okay. Of course that is a silly thing to do but it certainly brightened Mistress’s day. I can't remember how many strokes of the horse crop I got but my bum was in pain at the end of it. A nice pain though, it will make me a better maid next time I serve Mistress.

When I left I counted the number of steps from the intersection where we hit the main road to the Sainsbury’s, it's 340 steps. That's male in a trainer steps. So it's probably 680 small steps in 5 inch heels ... one way.

Having spent the time in the heels my calves ached on the way back, and my ass stung. In fact even today, a day later, as I write this I still have some bruises on my ass and my calves were stiff when I went for a run.

I have to say though that this was a fantastic session. Mistress handed me the keys for my chastity at the end of the session with a comment along the lines of 'I suppose you want to free that.' I replied that I didn't. I left her house still in my chastity. The session was absolutely amazing! The amazing feeling of sitting at a woman’s feet, massaging them while dressed in a frilly maid’s uniform and just chatting like 'normal' people is such an amazing experience. I was on a high returning home. The nervousness of the outing which then just turned into pure enjoyment was amazing.

If you want a truly memorable maid experience then I highly recommend Mistress Morticia.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Waxing done - service as a maid gets closer

I had a lovely appointment today getting my arms and legs waxed. I'd already introduced myself to the salon staff as a part time crossdresser and it was amazing the acceptance I received. The lady who waxed me asked me loads of questions about it which I answered quite happily. She was genuinely interested. I was wearing a pair of satin knickers which I didn't feel embarrassed about at all.

I know that very often I like to experience the humiliation of being a sissy crossdresser but sometimes it's nice to be able to talk about it with a real woman and just be one of the (stranger) girls. That was what this appointment was like.

Of course on Thursday I have my session serving a Mistress as a maid, that will be a sissy humiliation situation and really, I am sooooooo looking forward to it.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Upcoming adventures for January - serving as a maid.

I mentioned in an earlier posting that have been looking for a Mistress to take me on public humiliation / public outing sessions. I contacted Mistress Morticia and have booked a session for 8 January ... this coming Thursday!!!!!

I ordered a maids outfit from ebay and it arrived a while back ... it is soooooo lovely.

However, the maids uniform has short sleeves and comes to a little below my bum cheeks. So I obviously need to get rid of the hairs on my arms and legs. I have an appointment booked for 5 January at the salon that I will be having my make up lessons.

I have lost the original email that I sent to Mistress Morticia as somehow google mail has kept the entire email chain except for the first email. But basically I expressed a desire to go out as a male but didn't want to end up on the front page of the local newspaper. Here is Her response:


First of all let Me assure you that My maids and I have never encountered any negativity from the public. And why on earth would you be on the front page? This is always much more of a big deal to the maid than it is to the public, who are curious at best.

I do not take any maids out until they have served Me at home at least once. I also require a picture of you fully dressed, prior to any consideration of an outing. The outing itself usually lasts between 20 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on location, weather and how the maid is feeling.

I suggest you read the testimonials on My site, for a better idea of what to expect. I will not be conducting public outings until the end of January as the weather is too cold.

If you wish to book a session to serve Me at home, message Me again.

Naturally I replied and booked a maid session, paid my non refundable deposit and now look forward to 8 January when I will spend 3, maybe 4, hours as a maid to Mistress Morticia.