Friday, 1 January 2016

Getting used to wearing a running skirt in public

In order to be able to wear a running skirt in a proper race I needed to get used to being seen in it in public. Obviously, as with all such things, you don't go from never having done it to doing it in a town of thousands of people. And so I start by running my training runs in the skirt, initially on very remote routes where I run the risk of seeing three or four people, to increasingly popular routes where I could be seen by a lot more dog walkers and walkers.

As I am seen by more people, and I experience no hostile or negative reactions, so my confidence grows. Smirks and smiles from women are a reward.

Here are some photos from some of my runs. As you can see, I have been pretty confident on some of my training runs. It is however very different doing a training run where you may be seen by twenty people and then doing a marathon with a field thousands of runners and their supporters. Which is why I hid it more during the marathon (see my previous post).

Monday, 28 December 2015

Running skirt and bra in marathon

So, I did my last marathon of the year, and I wore my running skirt. I 'cheated' a bit by wearing a long t-shirt and also wore my race number low down front. This meant that from the front it was hidden a bit. I'm not sure how it looked from behind. I did have a few runners who overtook me give me a glance as they passed, but no one said anything.

I didn't wear wet look leggings this year (this is the run that I traditionally do that) as I felt that was too much for me to handle. But I did wear womens 3/4 leggings and you do not see a lot of men wearing 3/4 leggings.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Caught in public in a bra!

First, I did have my sissy weekend, and I do have some photos, I will write a blog entry about it soon.

But I just had a great experience that I want to share.

I did a marathon where I wore a bra under my kit. The  weather was appalling, it rained a lot! I got back to my car and wanted to change into dry clothes. I was parked in some on road parking with the parking bays at right angles to the pavement. As a result my car was facing the pavement.

I looked left and right, apart from one women approaching from my right, but a fair way down, there was no one. I quickly removed my t-shirt. Under that I had a long sleeved Nike running top (womens of course). I took it off but one sleeve snagged on my running watch!

I pulled at it but it was stuck! I looked up and the woman was easily visible and judging by the smile on her face, she had seen me! She was walking just to the right of my car, nothing to obstruct her view of me. In a bit of a panic I crossed my trapped arm across my chest to try hide the cups of the bra. Of course the bra straps were easily visible. I felt a bit like how I imagine a woman must feel, arm  trying to hide her breasts from a stranger.

I did that typical thing of don't make eye contact. Why do we do that? It's almost like we think if we can't see them they can't see us.

I looked up as she walked away to the left and she was just turning her head from taking another glance at me, the smile on her face was huge! No doubt she'd seen me.

You know what? I loved it! I wished I had had more confidence and tried to make eye contact.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Warming up for my sissy weekend

As I've booked a full leg, arm and underarm wax on Saturday I thought I'd get my chest and 'hollywood' area waxed so that sfter my Saturday waxing I would be hairless. I booked an intimate waxing.

Twenty minutes before the appointment I waswaiting outside a small shop. I decided to have some fun and went in to the shop. There was a young woman behind the counter, bored and reading a magazine. I got a pack of overnight sanitary pads and took them to the counter. She looked at me before scanning them. She handed me my change with a slight smile and told me to enjoy my day. I smiled and thanked her.

I had my waxing,someparts of which were painfulI will admit.  When I was told to get on my knees and elbows (so my backside could be done) I felt so submissive ... it was fantastic.

On going in to the room I was left alone to get undressed and was told to lay on the table and put the small towel over myself. But afterwards she stayed in the room cleaning up as I dressed. I had worn a pair of white, nylon, full panties (bought from Miss Discrete). I put them on and saw her do a doubletake as she saw them.

All in all it was a good day, a lovely little warm up. And as a bonus I am hair free, I look forward to wearing my chastity device being hair free to see if it is any more comfortable.

Next time I go for an intimate waxing, and there will be a next time, I will go into the same shop but this time I think I will buy a small tub of vaseline and a pack of tampons.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Some holiday running pics put into a sissy story.

When I am holiday in a place hundreds of miles from where I live I love to push the boundaries. One holiday we were in a remote area of Spain. I ran along a road that was pretty quiet, but not empty. On average I would be passed by 8 cars during a run. Over the course of the holiday most of the reactions were just curious stares, some laughs, two hoots. One car passed me a number of times during the holiday so that we got to recognise each other and we'd share a friendly, amused, wave.